Does this Sound Familiar?

  1. Buy a model rocket. Get excited.
  2. Take is home and build it. Get more excited.
  3. Gather your friends and family for launch. Everyone’s excited
  4. Start the countdown, press the launch button…
  5. nothing happens

It’s alright. You’ll get over it. But it is a bit of a moment-killer.

Now Imagine This

  1. Gather your friends and family for a launch. Everyone’s excited!
  2. Bring out you iPhone or Android. Fire up an app,
  3. Start the countdown, press the launch button…

Yes Really!

We are passionate about model rocketry and technology, and we’re helping enthusiasts of all ages to literally reignite their hobby with a smarter, better way to launch a model rocket!

Here’s what you get with the BlueNose Mobile Mission Control:

  • Professional hook clips that hold on tight and are fully insulated to prevent short circuits
  • Missile Toggle Switch makes the system fun and safe
  • Sophisticated four-wire sensing circuit tells you if there’s a fault with your wiring or the igniter
  • Bluetooth Low Energy chip allows for wireless communication with your smart phone
  • Smart mobile app delivers a precisely controlled current to the igniter and tells you of any detected problems
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones (see supported devices here)
  • Pressing “Launch” fires the rocket immediately!

Get Your Own Mission Mobile Control Today!

Did You Know

That the launchers from that big rocket company work by short-circuiting your expensive batteries across the igniter?

The MMC fires under precise microcontroller supervision, which means your batteries last longer – and that means more launches!

Our field case helps to reduce hassle, reduce clutter, remove failure from the equation, looks cool, and extends the life of your hobby.

*Please keep in mind that the MMC is for A to E engines (not for the HPR community).

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