BlueNose Mobile Mission Control


Congratulations on obtaining a BlueNose Mobile Mission Control (MMC) and thank you for your support! Welcome to the MMC documentation. An orientation of all the parts included in your kit are located below as well as download links to the latest iOS and Android apps.

The MMC is powered by (6) AA batteries. It is important to have good batteries otherwise it can affect the amount of current going to the igniter and fail to launch your rocket engines. We recommend 1st choice NiMH for current and cost, 2nd choice Alkaline, and to avoid carbon zinc (“heavy duty”). Eneloop rechargables are our favorites though more expensive. Always take out the batteries between usage to avoid leakage problems.

The MMC can be used in 2 ways:

  1. The intended way is by connecting wirelessly to a smartphone/tablet running the BlueNose app. This uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Not to be confused with Bluetooth. Supported devices include:
    • Apple: Phone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPad (3rd gen & 4th gen), iPad Mini (Apple devices require iOS 5 or later)
    • Android: HTC One, One X+, Droid DNA, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S4, Note II.

    It is best for you to verify that the device you intend to use does indeed support BLE.

  2. The second method for launching rockets is the manual method. If you are ever out in the field and something is preventing the app from working, you can always use the manual push buttons (yellow and green) per the instructions below.

Use the red toggle switch to power the MMC on and off. It will not harm anything if you are having problems to turn the power off, wait a few seconds, and then power back up. You may need to reconnect using the app.

The app searches for MMC units in the vicinity that are powered on. It displays the name of the MMC within the app. This is something you can change. It is very handy in case you are out launching rockets with more than one MMC active. Once connected by BLE to the MMC, you can launch your rocket. This assumes everything is ready to go. Your MMC needs to have the 10 foot (3 meter) red cable connected using the coupler to the yellow cable on the MMC. The other end of the red cable has clips which connect to the rocket engine igniter. See pictures below where we identify all of these pieces. Assuming that the igniter has no problems (it is not shorted and is not defective), when you press launch on the app or launch using the manual push buttons, it should send a charge to the igniter which ignites the rocket engine.

Always keep your MMC powered off (using the red toggle switch) anytime you are anywhere near your model rocket or not ready to launch. You can also disconnect the red cable using the coupler for added safety. After you have prepared everything and feel you are ready to launch, you connect the red cable, walk back to the MMC which should be 10 feet (3 meters) away from the model rocket, flip the red power switch, then walk further away holding your smartphone/tablet and use the BlueNose app to connect to the MMC and launch your model rocket.