Model rockets do involve igniting a rocket motor/engine. We recommend an adult is always involved, the launch area is roped off and adults only enters the secured area to connect the igniter ensuring beforehand that the master switch is off on the launcher control box and cable to igniter is disconnected.

  1. Only use prepackaged rocket engines. Check the engines before to ensure your defects or cracks. Inspect the rocket. Do not use any metal parts.
  2. Always do a countdown before the launch (which is part of the fun), that way everyone is aware of an imminent launch.

3. Do not fly in high winds or threatening weather. Do not fly in unsafe locations.

4. This is a very fun and exciting hobby however always keep safety as your first priority. Fun can be a close second.

Risk and Challenges

Bluetooth Low Energy has a small range and uses 2.4 GHz frequencies. It is possible to have interference, possible that multiple smartphones in the same area with the app can cause problems. Having weak batteries can cause issues with igniters and electronics.


You are building and launching rockets at your own risk. You will be responsible to check if everything is safe. Rocketry and related activities is not without risk. You agree not to hold liable any owners, affiliates, employers, Indiegogo, or us. SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST.Always observe any local safety codes such as by NAR or TRA. Make sure you comply with local, municipal, state/provincial, and/or federal laws and regulations.Safety isn’t just with the launching of the rockets, it is also when assembling or preparing anything. Wear appropriate protection such as gloves, eye protection, and such as needed.

You are responsible for ensuring the location and weather conditions are safe, and that everything being used to launch the rocket is safe and stable.

Do not purchase unless you understand and agree with this disclaimer and are of sufficient age to do so.